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Physical Categories:
Physical Access Assessment

Physical access describes how the person is actually going to physically “access” the communication board. (For example, are they going to touch the board with their finger? Point to it with a laser pointer? Select items with their eyes?)

To simplify the physical assessment, we are dividing people into 4 different categories, based on physical ability:

These categories are a rough distinction to help aid in the assessment process. Some people may fall into more than one category.

A person may use different kinds of low tech systems throughout the day. A person may use one low tech system while they are at home, another while they are out in the community and a third in bed at night. Example.

The goal of the assessment is not to wind up with a specific product. Rather, the goal is to look at the person’s needs and abilities throughout the day, and to try and match them up with solutions that meet their needs and abilities.

People with Adequate Hand Function
We are defining this as people who have the functional ability to point to targets on an 8.5 x 11 inch communication board using their hand.

People with Limited Hand Function
This includes people who have some ability to move their hands, but:

People with Head Movement
People who have limited or no hand movement, but have some control over their head movement.

People with Eye Movement Only
People who have limited or no head movement, but do have volitional control over their eye movements.

Please select the category that best describes you/or the person you are providing the assessment for: