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Part II: General Assessment Questions

Under Construction

Note to the AAC Professional:
It can be helpful to ask these questions before the actual in-person assessment. The questions are directed to the AAC user and their family/caregivers/communication partners.


How do you spend your average day?

Why Ask About the Environment? (click tab to open)
  • To get a better sense of the individual and how they spend their day.
  • To help us think about the size of a communication board.
    (It may not be feasible for a person to use a really large communication board while they are out in the community.)



How do you get around?

Why ask about mobility? (click tab to open)



Where do you spend most of your day?

Why ask about positioning?
  • To think about the size of the communication board.
  • To get a sense of how the individual is spending their day, and to see if they might need different communication systems for different environments. We want to make sure a person has a system which meets their needs, no matter where they are.


Physical Abilities (General)

Under Construction

Current Communication

How do you currently communicate?

Could you show me how you say "yes"? Show me how you say "no"?

Why ask about current communication?

Why ask about the high tech system?

Communication Partners

Under Construction

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