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Good Hand Function: Physical Assessment

(Only go through this portion of the assessment if it seems like the individual may have physical issues accessing the board)

Some questions to ask, and things to observe while trying out the different boards:

Can you touch cells in all 4 corners of the board? (We want to find out if the person has the range of motion to use this particular board.

Is the person able to extend their finger in order to point to targets?

Can you touch the letter “A”? (Basically, we are just looking to see if a person can point to the target that they want.) Can we tell which letter the person is pointing to? (i.e. is their finger in the middle of two cells?)

How is the person’s endurance? If a person can only use a board for a few minutes before they fatigue, then this may not be the right communication solution.

If the person has any of these physical access issues, click here

If the person can functionally point to items on the communication board, click Next>>